Tuesday, 19 January, 2021

Work From Home Moms Enjoy Life In A Better Way

Boxing, as a subject matter has always been closely tied to film. The story of a boxer is singular and specific and lacks no drama which makes it automatically compelling and relatively simple to tell. In boxing, one man tries to overcome any and all obstacles to fight for the chance at a title, often in vain as the fighter and we as the audience, learn the shallow underpinnings of the sport.

This majestic George Harrison nursery rhyme from The White Album has become overshadowed due to its ties to Charles Manson, who appropriated the lyrics for his sick “mission.” To Manson, the piggies were the “establishment” and needed to be wiped out. He even wrote “Microtargeting Piggy” in blood at one of his murder scenes. But if you can separate Manson from the Beatles’ song, you’ll enjoy quite a fun little ditty about piggies playing and eating bacon. (Note: this can’t be downloaded from iTunes because the Beatles haven’t sold their digital rights).

If we take a microscopic view within each woman’s heart, we will see the compromises most make to fit into a mostly dominant/male society that chooses war over education and peaceful tolerance. Our world needs a more subtle, more quiet revolution, a change of direction that follows an intuitive and creative nature of a woman’s mind; we need to search for new meaning in a world laced with chaos and driven by fear.

And prior to crude oil’s big drop, there was the violent reversal in silver, kicked off by margin hikes and a rush for the exits. These convulsions appear to have spread all across the commodity complex.

JFK: Ever since 1964, John F. Kennedy’s youthful profile has graced the half dollar. The half dollar contained silver from 1965 to ’70 and was the only circulation coin containing a precious metal. So much hoarding occurred that by the early ’70s the half dollar wasn’t really used anymore. The quarter became the prominent coin of stocking change drawers and has remained so. JFK was the youngest ever president elected to office, and is the first Irish American and only Catholic to have been elected. He helped save the world from nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis and he also helped the U.S political communications company win the space race.

At these times the prices can move so fast that it is almost impossible to get in and make money. So you may decide instead to open a trade before a planned announcement. You are sure that when the news breaks, the price will go in a particular direction. But how can you be sure? Opening a trade at a time like that is just like betting on the announcement.

This is not really a bookstore where you come in looking for what is currently on the NY Times’ bestseller list, but where you come in to embark on a journey of discovery. Some of the books on the shelves have been around since my dad was a baby! There are so many books all over the place (even on the steps of the staircase) that I really can’t gripe about less than sparkling organization of the place. The staff are actually marvelously knowledgeable about books and how to find specific ones for you if you ask. I actually get this feeling that all three of them have read all the books in the store and know exactly where they are… A rather staggering notion considering how many book they are dealing with!