Wednesday, 23 June, 2021

101 Ways To Waste Time Online

There was no one else on the bus save myself and the driver. It was the weekend and I was looking forward to meeting my friends at the casino. A group of us would meet at the casino, play a few slots and catch up on what was happening in each others life. We would then sit and listen to the current entertainment, or sometimes go to dinner together. Kathy was a year younger than me, and she lived in Toledo. Pearl was a feisty older woman in her 60’s who lived in Detroit.

I think God was trying to tell me that time is short, and that the bible was going to be fulfilled. Seeing the angel when I did made me realize that I should be doing something besides wasting so much time going to the gclub, when I should have been doing something else. I knew in my heart that I was getting into a rut, trying to make money where I shouldn’t be spending so much time. Creating an addiction the longer I stayed there.

The final table in the 2005 World Series of Poker championship was a marathon session. The viewers were witnessed of a rare scene that Joseph Hachem is defeating the players one by one and it stopped when a total of 5,619 players became the losers. The marathon play was continued for 14 hours. The world tournament was started before six days and Joseph Hachem was struggling for all those days with an average result at the final tables. But at the last day he establishes that nothing is impossible. At last he won the $10,000 no limit Texas hold’em main event in the 2005 World Series of Poker.

The fun doesn’t have to end when summer does. September in Seaside brings even more local fun! Start with the “Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day Celebration” on September 10th, complete with bed races on the boardwalk!

The mustang is only the grand prize in a combined promotion valued at $230,000. Other prizes include race tickets to the NASCAR races the weekend of June 11-13, and rides in a race car simulator.

It was early evening, with enough light in the sky to make the vision stand out clearly. I was so shocked…my breath caught in my throat. I managed to yell out to the driver…did you see that! I stared transfixed at this strange cloud, not taking my eyes off the vision…I could not believe what I was seeing.

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